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Home World: 514
Types: PvM Skilling Social
Votes: 245



Leader (multiple!)
Homeworld 514
Members 251
Founded 10 Oct, 2020

                              - = We warmly WELCOME you to the official = - 

                                                               W i l d f i r e 

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Founded back on 10th October 2020, we're actively creating the true gaming and social interaction atmosphere on Osrs.  The core leadership team have been playing RuneScape since 2005 - we understand what the game was like back then.  



  1. Wildfire has been long established, since 2020, and its leaders with clan leading experience from 2006;
  2. We have grown to a stable medium size, and 
  3. Currently we ARE RECRUITING!!




Timezone distribution:  40% Uk  - 30% Eu - 20% US.

Wildfire is a 'complete' clan open to every Runescaper, Skiller, American, British, and whatever you like to do!
We are active, all like-minded, and with about 25 members on at any moment.

 Our ranks follow a logical ‘FIRE’ rank system, with each new rank displaying a progressively brighter ‘fire’.  The senior ranks use the traditional ‘stars' design for reassurance and clarity.
 ALL of our members' activity, effort and contributions are carefully measured and reviewed every 3 weeks exactly, to ensure that all members' progression is accurate and reflective of their expectations - and if casual, that's ok too!


Members consistently share views that they are very happy with the atmosphere, energy and ranks system that we nurture and cherish here at Wildfire.




                                               Interested? Chill with us in-game via clan “Wildfire”!  Or…

                                                               APPLY below - click on ‘Join Discord’!                                          

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GeneralsMikey WF, Tranquillee, Wikkle, Mon Then 10
Captains WF Knulsam, WF Harley, Storrs02
Lieutenants DandysOnline, Ex Port, Reaper 304