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Home World: 334
Types: PvM Skilling Social
Votes: 413



Leader Valkzie
Homeworld 334
Members 500
Founded 01 Feb, 2020

Welcome ‘scaper❗

We're a social Old School Runescape clan, (over 450+ people but about 80-100 online at peak hours), with PvM Enthusiasts (ranging from mid-tier to late-game bossing), skillers of all types, individuals aiming for Max Cape, Pvpers, returning players, a couple of crazy oddballs (who isn't??), Iron accounts all wrapped up in a casual and friendly clan chat.

What to expect?

⚔️ Weekly events (we do a bit of everything)
⚒️ Bi-annually Sweaty Bingo Events
⚔️ Pet Bounties
⚒️ Raid Learning (CoX & ToA mostly)
⚔️ Chatty Folks & Banter

⚔️ Active Discord + Voice Chat

What requirements do we have?

📊 1k+ Total Level
🛂 Follow Jagex Rules
🛀 Be chill/yourself
🤸‍♂️ Be somewhat active (we understand life is busy/unpredictable. Just let us know when you're gonna be gone for awhile!)

Now, are you finally going to do it and join us? Still need a bit of persuasion? Come check out our vibe in-game and guest for awhile! Clan name: Vikings