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Types: PvM Skilling Social
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Leader World42O
Members 340
Founded 27 Jan, 2024

Hey there, welcome to LegacyofWar! Back in early 2022, a few of us online pals got together and birthed this little clan. Fast forward to now, and wow, we've grown into a bustling family filled with raiders, PvM aficionados, and skillers. We're all about that social PvM vibe.

We've got a Discord where the magic happens - active voice and text chats where we share laughs, strategies, and everything in between. There's never a dull moment in there!

Every month, we spice things up with a variety of events. We've got our regulars like 'Skill and Boss of the Week', but also love diving into hide-and-seeks, bingos, and clan vs clan challenges. Oh, and every now and then, we dip our toes into some PvP action, tile hunting, and other spontaneous fun.

We're on the lookout for anyone with a total level of 1500 or more to join our ranks. Usually, you can spot our clan's name on the board at the Grand Exchange on world 477. It’s a simple way to see what we’re all about.

Feel free to swing by, check us out, and see if LegacyofWar feels like your kind of gaming family. We're all about making great memories on this gaming journey together!