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Home World: 521
Types: PvM Skilling Social
Votes: 376



Leader 1N
Homeworld 521
Members 460
Founded 30 Aug, 2018

We are a Social Clan with members from all over the world and our members part take in all aspects of the game. We do not have any level requirements, the only requirements are to follow rules set out in the sections below and also be in our clan discord.


(Discord Link:https://discord.gg/9bPKu73).


Make sure you read the welcome channel when you join to gain access to the server.


We are all here to make friends, chill out, and play the game in a friendly and welcoming environment. 


Due to the open nature of the clan there is a huge variety of members that play the game in different ways ranging from casual playing and ironman all the way up to raiding and speed runs.
As a members of Elysium you should be mature, act like yourself, and become comfortable with everyone in the clan. 


There are many events our members take part in such as: Social events, Discord Games, Mini Games, Skill of the Week competition, Boss of the Week competition, PvM Bingo, PvM Snakes & Ladders, The Hunt, 12 Days of Christmas, Seasonal Events, PvM Champion, PvMer Contracts, PvM CrossWord, PvM Survivor, Wildy Bossing, God Wars, Bossing Masses, Raiding and Learner Raids. Information on these can be found below and on our discord.

Clan Chat:



Home Worlds:

321(NA) / 521(EU)

Time Zone:






Leaders: 0n, 1n, Cryogen, Desertflower, Mazande, Misterwieb1, Sassyares