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Home World: 505
Types: PvM Skilling Social
Votes: 426



Leader Maccaroni
Homeworld 505
Members 283
Founded 07 Jul, 2023

Welcome to Bap Head Central!

Looking for a Iron Social, Skilling & PVM Community?

We are a growing Iron only clan with members at all levels from brand new first iron Beginner to Ironchad and everything in between. We are looking for like-minded players to join our clan and have fun, build some friendships, play in groups, and compete in clan events. We are focused on achieving individual and group goals in an active, relaxed and social clan setting. Bap Head Central has established a smooth, well-organized, chill process to keep our clan efficient and consistent. So come and be part of our clan to join the fun!

Our clan will do weekly events and group activities such as:

•   PvM/Bossing – Raids (CoX/ToB/ToA), Nightmare, Nex, Wilderness Bosses (Callisto/Vetion/Venenatis)
•   Boss of the Week
•   Clan Bingo
•   Skill of the Week– Skilling Bosses (Zalcano, Tempoross, GoTR, Wintertodt)
•   Minigame Activities
•   Clue Scroll Competitions
•   Tile Races


Clan Chat: Bap Heads

Home World: 505

Region: Anyone welcome! (English Language to be used in clan chat/discord only)

Requirements: Any build of Ironman ~ Total Level 500+ ~ Must join Discord

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