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Home World: 567
Type: PvM
Votes: 240



Leader Superz
Homeworld 567
Members 430
Founded 21 Mar, 2014

Legacy is a high level End-Game PvM clan.

We are committed to building a community of players who want to pursue end-game PvM goals while maintaining a friendly and helpful environment. 

Check us out in-game by joining "Legacy" as a guest or look at our WiseOldMan page to see if we're doing the content you like: https://www.wiseoldman.net/groups/254

Why we think we're great:
- One of the most active end game clans (like actual boss kills, you can verify this on WiseOldMan).
- 60-100+ online during EU and US peak times.
- Unique handcrafted events with as many as 120 participants, DM for examples if interested.
- Clan Diary that builds towards high level account progression and faster-than-GM speeds.
- No high pressure trial period.
- We accept Irons and offer case by case exceptions for missing requirements.
- Mature, reasonable, hands-on leadership with years of experience.

Our requirements are pictured here: https://i.imgur.com/69ikaLG.png

Full details and application can be found at discord.gg/LegacyRS