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Home World: 525
Types: PvM Skilling Social
Votes: 231



Leader Coach Trip
Homeworld 525
Members 400
Founded 27 May, 2020

Heroic are a community, social and PVM old school clan formed in May 2020. Heroic has rapidly expanded with a thriving community, mature membership base along with a wide variety of events and boss trips taking place across various time zones.

Whether you want a new clan chat to hang out in, would like to improve your PvM skills or to be part of an exciting community, Heroic is the clan for you. We aim to create a successful and trustworthy community of players that are passionate about the game and can help each other in any way possible.



  • 110+ combat level.
  • 1750+ total total.
  • 200+ Quest points.
  • A P2P member of Old School RuneScape
  • Never been listed on RuneWatch or the WDR blacklist

Activities Heroic host a wide variety of events, including: 

  • Tombs of Amascut. 
  • Chambers of Xeric. 
  • Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode. 
  • Theatre of Blood. 
  • Theatre of Blood Hard Mode. 
  • Bandos and other Godwars bosses. 
  • Nightmare of Ashihama. 
  • Corporeal Beast. 
  • Nex. 
  • Community events, such as Barbarian Assault and Castle Wars. 
  • PK Events.
  • Competitions, including Skill of the Week, Boss of the Week and PVM Bingo.


General Information 

  • Clan Chat: Heroic (join as guest and /// to type) 
  • Friends Chat: Please use clan system 
  • Discord: Invitation provided following successful application 
  • Home world: World 525 
  • Main time zones: Global (Primarily Western Europe and North America) 
  • Focus: Community, PvM and social 
  • Founded: 27th May 2020

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