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Home World: 519
Types: PvM Skilling Social
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Leader McFozzar
Homeworld 519
Members 28
Founded 13 Dec, 2023

 We're stoked to announce the birth of something epic – British Gash OSRS Clan!  


About Us: British Gash is not your average clan; we're a lively crew of adventurers who thrive on banter, battles, and the untamed chaos of Gielinor. 


If you're looking for a clan where camaraderie meets cheeky banter, and PVM adventures are as wild as the chat, you've found your virtual haven. We're a small and chilled out bunch!

What We Offer: Banter that could make Guthix himself crack a smile. 


Epic PVM and Raid experiences that'll leave you hungry for more. 


A close-knit community where every member is family. Join the Adventure: Are you ready to embrace the unpredictability of Gielinor with a clan that values camaraderie and humor as much as XP gains? British Gash is calling your name! Gear up, bring your sense of humor, and let's embark on this journey together. simply come to our Discord and apply, or come guest in our CC 'British Gash'. Don't miss out on the laughs, the battles, and the unforgettable moments. 


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