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Apple Slices

Home World: 369
Types: PvM Skilling Social
Votes: 202



Leader 6TMG
Homeworld 369
Members 383
Founded 02 Feb, 2024

Looking for the Perfect RuneScape Clan? Look No Further!

Join the ultimate adventure with the most refreshing clan in RuneScape - Apple Slices! Whether you're a fresh-faced newbie or a battle-hardened warrior, our energetic community is here to have your back at every turn! What sets us apart is our inclusive, lively atmosphere. With a knowledgeable leadership team and a welcoming Discord server, you're in for a treat.


We're proud of our inclusive community and the upbeat vibe we bring! Our leaders are dedicated, and they're veterans in the world of RuneScape. Our Discord server is a serene and secure hub where your ideas matter.


Why Choose Apple Slices?


  • Regular Giveaways that'll leave you hungry for more.
  • Active, supportive staff to guide your journey.
  • A Level 3 nitro-boosted server for top-notch fun.
  • A well-structured rank system with leadership opportunities - who doesn't love a good promotion?
  • PVM/Skilling Events for all skill levels.
  • Social events like Movie Nights and Game Nights to connect with fellow players.
  • Active Discord and Voice Chats for endless conversations.
  • An 18+ Server for mature discussions.
  • An Inclusive and Guest-Friendly community, where everyone is welcome!

Ready to Dive In?

  • Clan Name: Apple Slices
  • Clan Chat: Apple Slices
  • P2P Home-world: 369
  • EU Home-world: 518
  • F2P Home-world: 308
  • Time-Zone: International